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We are a small, independent bookstore in downtown Chattanooga and fiercely proud of the time and effort it takes to curate each and every book that finds its way to our shelves.

However, we know that our readers have tastes that sometimes reach beyond what we are able to carry in our shop. That’s why we are proud to partner with for the very finest in audiobooks. We also previously offered a feature in which patrons could browse our in-depth online catalog, order books online and have them delivered to your house. This feature is currently unavailable. But don’t fret, it is only temporary!

We are in the process of changing our e-commerce platform.  This change will provide our customers with the same ability to shop Star Line Books from the comfort of your home or office AND include some new content and features. The new system will also include options to pick books up in-store as well as have them shipped to your home. We’re excited about this change and the chance to offer you full service solutions to shop Star Line Books online.  

In the meantime, we are still offering special order services for in-store pickup. Just give us a ring at 423-777-5629 and let us know what title(s) you are looking for!

We value our patrons and work hard to make shopping with us as enjoyable and easy as possible.

Thanks for shopping local!

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