How Can I get My Book in Star Line Books?

Congratulations on your book! That is no easy thing to do! At Star Line Books we love to work with self-published and local authors.

We are pleased to announce a recent partnership with Dart Frog Books! In order to manage the amount of self-published authors and books in our shop we are now working with Dart Frog Books to vet all incoming self-published works. We will not work directly with self-published authors. We simply don’t have the capacity to read all that come are way. Though we wish we did!  Please submit your book to Dart Frog Books and we will rely on them to send us the very best in self-published works.

Remember,  Star Line Books more than just a bookstore. We are a community of readers and writers. Because our shelf space is limited, we give preference to writers who are our customers and supporters of independent bookstores.