Greetings Authors!

We literally could not do what we do without you, so thank you for telling your stories and thank you for wanting your book to find a home on our shelves!

How Can I get My Book on Star Line Books shelves?

Congratulations on your book; writing a book is no easy thing to do! At Star Line Books we love to work with conventionally published, self-published, and local authors. Please understand that we evaluate thousands of new books every year and field up to one thousand event requests per year. We receive stocking requests from self- and conventionally-published authors directly at the rate of up to 10 or more per day. Thank you for understanding that we cannot handle phone calls or drop-in visits that do not adhere to our policy.

*The following policy is effective for all consignment and new title sourcing as of 9/1/2019. If your book is on our shelf under our previous consignment practices, we’ll be in touch individually about moving forward as one of our indie authors under the new policy, in the mean time your previous agreement stands.*

Indie authors at Star Line and Beyond:

We are pleased to announce a partnership with Dart Frog Books!

Books published by DartFrog Plus are guaranteed placement in all DartFrog partner bookstores for three months. Books are placed face front in a specially branded DartFrog section of the store for maximum exposure and visibility. There are currently 70 bookstores in the DartFrog network.

DartFrog also curates books that have already been published, either by a small publisher or self-published by the author. Curated titles are placed into a minimum of 20 bookstores, also face front, in the same specially branded DartFrog section for three months.

Having your book selected by Dart Frog Books is a great way to guarantee we’ll feature your title in our shop AND get your work placed in bookstores around the US. Please submit your book to Dart Frog Books and we will rely on them to send us the very best in self-published works.

We recognize that you may wish to work directly with Star Line Books and we do still offer that option. Read on to learn more about our policy and process.

What category does your book fall into?

My book is recently or about to be conventionally published by a major or larger independent publisher and readily available through standard distribution channels. 

The best way to get your book on our shelves is to have your publisher contact us with information about you and your book. We can work with them directly on getting it into our inventory.

We love our publishing partners and like keeping them in the loop.  We are also used to dealing with them regularly and the process goes much faster.

If you feel your publisher is unable or unwilling to contact us, please send us an email at of no more than 100 words containing the Title, ISBN, your website, a high resolution image of your book jacket, your contact information, compelling reasons for carrying the book at Star Line Books (ex. “I have friends and family that have expressed interest in buying it from Star Line”, “the book is set in Tennessee”, other unique reasons that would compel a reader to buy it from us and not elsewhere). Please copy your publisher in the email.  That is industry standard professional courtesy.

I published my own book and did NOT use CreateSpace or Amazon publishing or printing services. 

Star Line Books Indie Author/Consignment Program: read on to see if your book is a good fit for our shelves!

In an effort to make things easier for you and us, we have developed some guidelines to keep interactions with our indie authors professional, straightforward, and profitable for both parties.To be considered for our inventory, books must be:

•not published or printed by Amazon or any of its divisions such as CreateSpace

•professionally packaged

•priced appropriately for the market

•suitable for our inventory

•published within the last 6 months or not yet published

If your book meets the above criteria and you would like to contact Star Line Books directly about shelving your title, please email Please send us an email containing the Title, ISBN, your website, a high resolution image of your book jacket, your contact information, compelling reasons for carrying the book at Star Line Books (ex. “I have friends and family that have expressed interest in buying it from Star Line”, “the book is set in Tennessee”, other unique reasons that would compel a reader to buy it from us and not elsewhere) and how best to reach you.

There is a non-refundable fee of $25 to have your book reviewed for our inventory. Books will not be evaluated without payment of this fee. This fee is per book, not per author if you have multiple books. You will need to follow up your email inquiry with payment or your book will not be considered. To process this payment you can call the shop at 423-777-5629 and pay via phone, or stop in once your email is sent and pay in person. Books sent in conjunction with your request and once the fee has been paid will not be returned. You may drop the title off at our shop when paying the review fee or mail a copy to us once you have paid the fee by phone.

If your title is accepted, you receive 60% of the cover price of any books sold. We receive 40%.  This is non-negotiable and the absolute minimum margin under which we can sell books and still remain profitable. We will take 2-5 copies of each (our determination). The $25 processing fee covers our time evaluating your book for our shop, entering books in the system and contacting you 3 times a year regarding sales/payments. Note that we do not pay freight for consignment books—they must be dropped off or the freight paid by the author. Damaged or stolen items are the sole financial responsibility of the consignor/author.

Checks for consignment books are cut 3 times per year:

•The second week of January

•The second week of May

•The second week of September

For any books that have not sold at least 2 copies every 4 months we reserve the right to remove them from inventory using the above schedule.  We will not contact you to let you know whether or not they have sold.  You can request inventory status by email at .

Books on consignment are shelved based on our best practices and placement is not subject to negotiation. Table or wall displays are not guaranteed.  If you want to guarantee face-out placement for a period of 3 months, please contact our friends at Dartfrog Books. We feature their selected titles prominently each quarter.

Group events will be held 3 times per year in January, May, and September for consignment authors, at no cost to the author. Star Line Books will plan these events and will make final selection of participants. You may request to participate in a particular session by sending an email to at least 30 days prior to the start of the month the event will be held in. These events will be advertised via all standard media channels used for Star Line Books. Individual events may be scheduled at Star Line Books discretion if a formal proposal is submitted via email.

Individual events will require a $50 event fee paid by the author. This proposal must demonstrate a serious likelihood of sales of at least 10 copies on the night of the event and include a compelling reason to highlight your work separately from our indie author program. These events will be advertised via all standard media channels used for Star Line Books. If an individual author event does lead to sales of more than 10 copies of the selected title(s) (with a minimum price of $15 per book) the event fee will be waived.

If your book is selected, we also ask that you mention Star Line Books or independent bookstores in general as a sales outlet when promoting your books and consider linking to our website. Authors whose sites link only to Amazon will be cause for title rejection.

I did use one of Amazon’s services to publish my work. 

Thank you for your interest in Star Line Books, but we will not be selecting your work for sale in our shop. If in future you choose to publish with any company other than Amazon or Amazon-owned subsidiaries or printing services, we would be happy to reconsider your title(s) at that time. We do not carry any Amazon products for three reasons:

• We are a committed member of the independent bookstore industry, a community that is party in several legislative actions designed to force Amazon to change some of its more egregious business practices. For legal conflict-of-interest reasons, we do not do business with Amazon.

• The business practices in question above are ongoing and put us at a moral obligation not to fund those practices.

• Even if all of the above were not the case, it is not an intelligent business move to put money into the pockets of a direct competitor whose stated mission includes the intent of causing our business to fail.

If you choose to publish by other means, please let us know. We would be happy to reevaluate then.

With Many Thanks,

Star Line Books