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Covid19 & Shop Status

Covid19 & Shop Status

Bookies, Star Line Books will be operating remotely for the foreseeable future. The shop floor will remain closed until we...

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Star Line Books

Star Line books is Chattanooga’s only all-new fully independent book store. Offering a carefully curated selection of new literature, poetry, and non-fiction Star Line Books is also the home of a thriving events calendar directly connecting Chattanoogans with authors and written works from
around the country.

It’s not a huge city, but it is thriving. Arts and music, food and drink, history and gravitas. And one small independent bookshop with spirit and spunk to spare. In 2012, Star Lowe moved to Chattanooga, TN with her family and set about finding the local book community. This was something she’d done in every other place she’d lived and local book shops had always been a lifeline of literature and friendship for her. To her dismay, Chattanooga did not have an independent shop operating at the time other than used bookstores. Star began to wonder, could she, should she, open one herself? After all, the bookstores she’d frequented for years had been a favorite escape, the source of her burgeoning personal library, and an avenue to find like minded people and new friends.

At a crossroads in her professional life, Star decided to move ahead and create that space for herself and for her new community. Star set about learning everything she could about the industry, distributors, small business, and all she might need to open this shop of her dreams. It was a daunting but rewarding process and in August of 2015, Star Line Books opened across from the historic Chattanooga Choo Choo Hotel and former train depot. The name Star Line Books owes much to the woman who is still the heart and soul of the shop, and the book store’s proximity to such fabled rail road history. Star likes to tell her patrons, “Catch the Star Line and come and be literated!”

Running an all new fully independent book store in the age of instant gratification, online shopping and ebooks isn’t always easy. But Star is passionate about the volumes she often will personally place in the hands of her dedicated clientele. She is passionate about the authors and poets who frequent the store to share their work, buy books, and build community. She is passionate about the children whose laughter fills the book nook as they browse and discover new stories and characters to entertain and to educate. Star Line Books is now, four years later, at the apex of literary culture in Chattanooga, TN.